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Sun 10. Nov 13 19:20

Link Governor Job Description

The role of the Link Governor is outlined below:  

  • Encouraging and developing a culture for continuous training on the governing body
  • Liaising with the LA who offer an extensive programme of Training and Support
  • Recording governors commitment to training and ensuring feedback to other governors
  • Targeting training to the responsibilities which governors have on the governing body
  • Taking the lead and encouraging ALL governors to attend training
  • Arranging training opportunities by networking with other schools in the cluster or of the same tier of school
  • After appointment to make early contact with new governors
  • To ensure that the new governors have an early opportunity to visit the school, before the first formal meeting
  • To ensure that they receive a pack of induction material from the school
  • To act as a mentor at early meetings or ensure that another governor does this job
  • To ensure that they book in for the New Governor Induction Training
  • At the first formal meeting, to create informal time for existing governors to meet new governors (e.g. coffee before the formal meeting), provide names on the tables to help new governors to learn the names of their colleagues)
  • To ensure that governor development is included in the School Development Plan
  • Speaking about Training and Development issues when this item is reached at the full governing body meetings
Keeping up-to-date
  • Attending Link Governors training sessions (termly)
  • Sharing new information as it becomes available (if not included in the Agenda papers)
  • Keeping up-to-date with new publications as they are published
Updating a Governors’ Handbook which explains how the Governing Body organises its wo

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