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Governor Training Resources

New Ofsted Framework 2019  - NEW
Governors ofsted New framework nov 2019.ppt
Questions from Ofsted for governors under the new 2019 fra.docx

Equality and Diversity - NEW
Equality and Diversity 22020.ppt

Finance and SFVS 2019    - NEW  
Governor training - Finance and SFVS 2019.ppt
2019 Generic SFVS form.xlsm

Panel Training   - Updated September 2019
Governor panels 2019.ppt

Local GB Training  - Updated 2019

Local GB training0.ppt

Governing Baord Fit for Purpose  - Updated 2019
Governing Board Fit for Purpose 2019.ppt

What Governors Need to Know about Ofsted  - Updated March  2019
What Governors Need to Know about Ofsted Updated March 19.ppt

Finance making the best of your resources  - Updated March  2019
Finance - making the best of your resources 2019.ppt

New -Schools  Complaints - Updated Feb 2020
School Complaints Training 2020.ppt

Model_complaints_procedure (DfE Jan 19).docx
School Premises Guidance.docx

Health and Safety    - NEW FOR 2020

H and Safety Governor training.pptx

Data Training for Governors   - NEW FOR 2018
FFT and ASP for governors 2018.ppt

HR Matters   -NEW FOR 2018
HR Matters (for CH) 7 Nov 18.pptx

Clerking Panels   -NEW FOR 2018
Clerking Panels.ppt
Key Facts re Exclusions for clerks.docx

Process Meeting  -NEW FOR 2018
Governing Board Fit for Purpose 2018.ppt

Challenge and Support -NEW FOR 2018
Support and Challenge 2018.ppt

Benchmarking & Collaboration - NEW

Collaboration and Benchmarking June 2018.ppt

GDPR training for Governors  - NEW

What Governors Need to Know about GDPR.ppt
This checklist is designed to help school leaders produce .docx

Induction for new governors unit one - Updated
Governor Induction 1 2019.ppt

Induction for new governors unit two - Updated May 2018
Governor Induction 2 2018.ppt

Induction for new governors unit three - Updated October 2019
Governor Induction 3 2019.ppt

Induction for new governors unit four - safeguarding - Updated NOV 2019
Governor Induction 4 Safeguarding Nov 2019.ppt

Modern Governor - Updated Feb 2019
Modern Governance 2019.ppt
Grade descriptors for overall effectiveness.docx

Diversity training for governors

Ofsted Governor Training
Improving governance - a training resource for schools (4).ppt

Exclusion Training - UPDATED MARCH 2019
Exclusions Training 2019.ppt

SEND Governor Training - UPDATED MArch 2018
SEND Governor Role 2018.ppt

FINANCES AND SFVS Training - Udated November 2018

Finance Training for Governors 2018.ppt


School Visits - Updated
Governor Visits to School 2018.ppt
Performance Management - Leadership
Headteacher_Teacher PM 2013.ppt
PRP Staff Governor Briefing (2).ppt

Governor Safeguarding Role -Update 2019
Role of the Safeguarding Governor 22020.ppt

2019 safegaurding report.docx

Safeguarding Ofsted Evidence Checklist0.docx

Roles and Responsbilities  -NEW
Roles and Responsibility.ppt

RBWM Governors 29 6 2016 .pptx

Health and Safety   2016  -NEW
Objectives Governor Role.pptx

Pupil Premium - The Governors Role  - November  2019 -UPDATED

Pupil Premium Governance - 2019.ppt
PP Governor Role Description.docx

LGB Training -NEW
Local GB training.ppt

Performance Related Pay - Updated May 2018

Monitoring Performance Related Pay 2018.ppt

Challenge and Support -NEW


Governors Refresher Course (Impact) -NEW
Governor Refresher and Impact.ppt
Competency Framework Training -NEW

Competency Framework training.pptx.ppt

Getting Ready for Ofsted 2017 -NEW Jan 2018
What Governors Need to Know about Ofsted Updated Jan 18.ppt
Ofsted criteria GB self evaluation checklist.docx

FFT Training Primary  2017 -NEW
Governor Dashboard Training_2017 Windsor Primaries.pdf

New Ofsted Framework 2019  -NEW
Governors ofsted 2018.ppt

Bespoke Training   -NEW
Finance Training for Hannah Ball.ppt

Bespoke Becs

Equality and Diversity 2019.ppt
Impact of Governance 2019.ppt

Governor training StMary 2020.ppt

Support and Challenge Ditton Park 2020.ppt

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