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Wed 26. Oct 16 21:31

CSBM Development module 2: Planning and leading projects in schools


The focus of this module is on identifying, planning, leading and evaluating development projects in schools.

Delivering a project successfully is not something you can do on your own. You have to be able to take people with you, to make them feel part of the process and incorporate their ideas.

To help you do this, and do it well, the module also focuses on your strengths in project management and on your personal development needs, as well as your ability to evaluate the impact of your project on the school community.

About the module

The module is made up of four units:

Unit 1: Identifying and negotiating development projects.
Unit 2: Developing project plans.
Unit 3: Leading and managing development projects.
Unit 4: Evaluating projects and reflecting on project mangement skills.

Detailed learning outcomes for each of the four units making up the module can be found in the ‘Module study guide’. You should read this before you begin work on the units below.


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