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Wed 1. Aug 18 07:11

The Pan-Berkshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2018-2023

NEW RE Agreed Syllabus

Religious education has an important place in the curriculum of all schools. It provides a space for learning about people, about cultures and faiths and also relationships, tolerance, understanding and appreciation of others’ beliefs and values.

Taught well, it can open minds and bring alive the thought processes that lead to deeper understanding and greater awareness of the world and global challenges. Learnt well, it can give each and every one of our children and young people sound knowledge, great skills and positive attributes for now and for life.

I would like to acknowledge the unstinting work of SACRE, Pan Berkshire colleagues and partners who have contributed to the production of this excellent document.

The new document contains clear expected outcomes that link to the key questions and, although this document looks very different from the previous syllabus, it is an evolution as the general tone of the questions and the topics they cover remain largely the same as before.

To support the launch of the New RE Syllabus there will be additional guidance material available soon, but in the meantime the appendices of the previous syllabus can still be used as a reference point for teachers.

In accordance with current recommendations this new syllabus specifically requires schools, particularly at Key Stage 3 to engage with a non-religious worldview and we would encourage teachers to consider the range of views available, following where possible the interests of their students.

I look forward to hearing about the success of this revision to the RE syllabus.

Kevin McDaniel
Director of Children’s Services

Pan-Berkshire Syllabus 2018-2023 RBWM.pdf

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